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Liturgical Ministries

 Altar Serving

A ministry where children can make a meaningful contributions at Mass by assisting the priest.  This is the only ministry designed especially for children.  It is a great opportunity for them to be "up close and personal" and learn about the different parts of the Mass and know that they are providing a service to the church community.  If you feel you are being called please contact Deacon Tuan Nguyen at (714) 864-4573

 Sunday Greeters

Greeters are the friendly face of Saint Columban Church standing at the doors of the church at each Mass to say Hello, offer a smile and give a warm welcome to all who come and worship.  You'll get to know people who attend regularly and you might also be the one who helps lift the spirit of the first-time visitor or the lonely stranger.

 Usher Ministry

Ushers are parishioners who assist the priests in welcoming people who come to Mass.  Our ushers request volunteers to bring the gifts of bread and wine forward at the Offertory. They also find seats for people as they arrive for Mass and coordinate the collection of the Sunday offering.  During Communion, the Ushers assist the parishioners as they process to receive the Eucharist.  They also hand out the weekly bulletin after Mass.  If you feel you are being called please contact our parish office at (714)534-1174

 Church Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry is a behind-the scenes ministry which is critical for our liturgical celebrations.  They display and change banners for our daily Masses and throughout the year, display or coordinate and set-up floral arrangements, candles, Advent Wreaths, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations as well as other liturgical celebration throughout the year.  For more information on this ministry please contact our parish office at (714)534-1174.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC)

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion assist the priest in distributing the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus during communion at the Mass.  These ministers also bring Jesus to the sick and the homebound. Please contact Antonette Roberto at (714) 337-1041 or email at if you are interested in becoming an EMHC for our Sunday Masses or for communion to the sick and homebound.  Application available at parish office or *click here



Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass.  The first reading (Old Testament), the second reading (New Testament) and the Prayers of the Faithful are read by the Lector.  Training is provided for this rewarding liturgical ministry.  For more information please contact Mary Mabie at (714)469-5114

 Music Ministry -Choir

St. Columban's Music Ministries are made up of a large mix of musical styles and cultures.   Choirs include:  Parish Adult Choir, Parish children's Choir, Spanish Choir, multiple Vietnamese Choirs, and the Youth Ministry Band.  Please contact the Parish Music Director Ro Elliott  for more information at (714)534-1174.

Liturgy Committee Members

Sr. Brid
Rhea Brewer

Ro Elliot
Deacon Tuan Nguyen 
Antonette Roberto
Mary Mabie 
Esther Santiago