Saint Columban Parish Organizations

Organizations at Saint Columban

Altar Society

Members of our parish volunteer to clean the church on a weekly basis.  All parishioners are welcome to join.  Come to the church on Wednesday mornings after the 8:30 AM Mass to lend a hand!


Cursillo is a movement this is offered throughout the Diocese in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.  It focuses on showing how to become effective leaders by growth in personal spiritual development. It is a short course in Christian living.

Filipino Catholic Community of Saint Columban (FCCSC)

The Filipino Catholic community of Saint Columban (FCCSC) rejoice in the blessings given to us in bringing to life a united Filipino Catholic Christian community to serve the Lord jointly and collectively in fellowship with other communities within the parish and continuing our work of spiritual renewal and transformation in Christ.  FCCSC is committed to community togetherness, humanitarian objectives, preservation of Filipino heritage and the enhancement of shared goals.

Filipino Federation of Rosary Group of St. Columban (FFRG-St. Columban)

FFRG--St. Columban is dedicated to promoting the devotion to the blessed Virgin Mary through the Holy Rosary.  It is composed of 52 families corresponding to the 52 weeks in a year to have the Holy Rosary prayed in their homes for a week in consecutive succession.  It also undertakes charitable projects and activities sanctioned by FFRG-OC.

Human Trafficking Ministry

Human trafficking is when someone is forced, coerced or deceived into working or providing services under slavery-like conditions.  The Human Trafficking Ministry conducts Human Trafficking Awareness events.  Each year, members of the group attend a symposium on Human Trafficking at Mount Saint Mary's in Los Angeles.  Periodically, we attend local awareness events to hear from prominent speakers as well as from persons who had been trafficked and are currently enjoying the freedom most of us always enjoy..

Legion of Mary

The members of the Legion of Mary meet weekly for prayer and intercession of Mary.  Each member participates in the life of the parish through service.  It is the largest Apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church.

Mother of Perpetual Help

This weekly prayer group meets in the church on Wednesday evenings praying the Rosary and saying the Novena of Perpetual Help for the different needs of the church.

Parish Lending Library

Our Parish lending library makes available various resources of a spiritual nature.  Books, DVD's, CD's videos and audio cassettes are available for check out.  It is delightful to see parents bring their children to select a DVD for family viewing.  In order to update our selection, book sales are held periodically.  We are very grateful to our parishioners who donate material for the book sales. The parish Lending Library is open on Sunday's from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Small Church Communities

Small Church Communities are groups of people who gather monthly, every other week or every week to become familiar with the reading of the following Sunday.  Participants in these groups often remark that Sunday Mass is more meaningful because they have read, shared and prayed over the Reading during their Small Church Community meetings.

Taize Prayer

Taize Prayer is a prayer for peace before the Cross, conducted in a format that was begun by an Ecumenical community in Taize, France.  United for the common cause of peace and music, silence and scripture became the universal expression and language of their prayer for peace.

Widows and Widowers

This group meets every other month for lunch and social gathering.

Women's Council

The Women's Council has been in existence at St. Columban since 1934.  All ladies of the parish are members and there are no dues.  Our meeting are once a month from September through May and they are socially and religiously inspiring.  Occasionally, we invite a speaker to our meetings.  We have in the past planned day trips for anyone interested.  The women's council hold two fundraisers each year to support our Parish, our school and vocations and charities in our community at large.